[Overton]Language: Necessary for Communication and Learning

Language, a complex system of symbols, is what allows us to share our ideas with each other, to think and to learn. The fact that most children develop language without any apparent effort or direct teaching makes learning language seem like a relatively simple task. But this is not the case it is an extraordinarily complex task and there are numerous causes for problems in its development. When problems do occur they can have far reaching affects because oral language is the foundation upon which appropriate social skills and later academic abilities (reading, writing, math, etc.) are based.

You may find that the following articles can help you understand more about the fascinating area of language:

What Is Language? (in the "Recognizing Disorders in Young Children" page)

Language Development in Children

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The Impact of Early Language Development on the Acquisition of Reading

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Children with Early Speech and Language Disorders at Risk for Later Reading Difficulties

Identifying Language-Learning Disorders (LLD)

The Hidden Curriculum and LD Students

Some Resources for More Information on Language

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