[Overton]Frequently Asked Questions about Enrolling Children

Overtonís office has been closed after serving the greater Fort Worth community for over 30 years. Valerie now exclusively serves students enrolled at the lower campus of Southwest Christian School. This information is provided to answer their questions about the enrollment process.

How do I enroll my child in your program? The first step is an evaluation. Before the evaluation can be scheduled, you will need to provide some basic information about your child's general development and the concerns you have about his/her speech and language abilities. You can request the forms to do this by calling (817) 294-8408 or by e-mail.††

How long will it take to get an evaluation scheduled? Evaluations are generally scheduled within two or three weeks after receiving the completed forms.

How long will the evaluation take? Depending on the age of your child and the nature of the problem, it will take between one and two hours. The length of an evaluation for most children is about 90 minutes.

What will happen in the evaluation? All areas of speech and language will be assessed during the evaluation. In most cases it will include a brief structural and functional examination of the speech mechanism, an assessment of articulation (sound production abilities), language testing (basic vocabulary, sentence structure, ability to follow directions, etc.), an evaluation of voice production and rate and fluency (stuttering) assessments. Your child's age and your concerns about his/her speech and language abilities will determine which procedures are used and how much time is spent in each area.

What if my child has already been evaluated? You will still need to complete the required forms. In addition, when your return the required forms, you will need to include copies of all the previous testing that has been completed on your child. After all of this information has been reviewed, you will be called to discuss options for enrollment.

When will I get the results of my child's evaluation?†† You will get the results of your childís evaluation in a conference that will occur approximately two weeks after your child was evaluated. At this time you will be provided with a copy of the evaluation report and all of the findings and recommendations will be discussed. Any questions you have will be answered and, if appropriate, a therapy schedule will be set up at this time.

How much does the evaluation cost? The charge depends on the type of evaluation that was performed, but always includes the conference that occurs approximately two weeks after the evaluation. The evaluation fee is payable prior to the evaluation. The charges for specific evaluations are:


Speech Sound Production


















Speech Sound Production and Language

















What about the cost of treatment? Treatment charges are $130.00 per hour and are payable by the month in advance. The charges are pro-rated by the quarter-hour, so a 30-minute session is $65.00 and a 45-minute session is $97.50.

Will my insurance pay for the evaluation and treatment? Depending on the nature of the problem it might. Information that will assist you in determining if your insurance company covers evaluation and/or treatment for speech and language disorders is included in the packet that is sent out prior to the evaluation. You can also get this information online by clicking here.

Overton provides the forms needed to file an insurance claim; however, Overton Speech & Language Center does not take insurance assignment. This means we are not in any networks. It also means that you will be responsible for filing the claim and that you will need to keep your account current while waiting for insurance reimbursement. For detailed information on how to file for insurance reimbursement click here.

What forms of payment does Overton Speech & Language Center accept? Cash, checks, MasterCard, VISA and Discover are accepted.

If you have questions or need more information you can contact me at:

Overton Speech & Language Center, Inc.
Fort Worth, TX
(817) 294-8408


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